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Your Guide to Taxis from Singapore Airport

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Why Take a Singapore Changi Airport Taxi

Singapore airport taxis are very popular among SIN travelers. Verily, they are known for their efficient and reliable services while being regarded as reasonably priced. Even though some isolated scamming incidents have been reported (mainly concerning Changi airport taxi drivers who followed longer routes to raise the final price), taxis from Singapore Airport are safe and guarantee quality rides. So, why should you settle on a Singapore airport taxi ride to your final destination?

To begin with, you’ll enjoy a door-to-door journey, being dropped off right in front of your hotel in Singapore. Hence, you’ll remove all the hassle from your transit, as you won’t have to search for the bus stop or the airport’s train station or worry about catching the right bus and disembarking at the closest to your accommodation stop. Moreover, you’ll be sitting comfortably inside the cab vehicle, having your personal belongings stored in the trunk. Conversely, the mass modes of transit often get crowded, making rides tedious and risky for pickpocketing incidents. Last but certainly not least, Changi airport taxis operate around the clock, providing their services regardless of the time or day.

The Changi Airport Taxi Companies

You shouldn’t expect uniformly-colored taxis at Singapore Airport. Verily, each taxi company has fleets consisting of vehicles colored in a recognizable hue specific to that company. Thus, the ComfortDelGro cars are blue or yellow, the TransCab vehicles are red, and the Prime Taxis are pink. Finally, Strides Taxis are either lime or silver-colored. Expectantly, no matter the taxi company, all cabs have the distinctive Taxi sign on their roofs and the company’s logo on their doors. What’s more, you’ll spot various vehicle types at the airport taxi stands. As a matter of fact, all taxi agencies’ fleets consist of standard cars, premium vehicles, and limousines.

Our Tip: Ride-sharing services are also available at Singapore International Airport. However, you’ll have to use the company’s app to book a private hire vehicle. In any case, the major ride-sharing provider in Singapore is considered to be Grab Singapore.

Singapore Changi Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Singapore airport taxis are metered. Hence, their fares are calculated by their taximeter. However, each taxi company’s rates differ. That being said, their price tables are approximately the same, and taxis from Changi Airport are regarded as overall affordable.

The charging system of Singapore taxis is considered rather complicated. Verily, apart from the flag-down fee and the rate per traversed distance, various surcharges are added to the final cost of each ride. Hence, the initial charge (for the first 1km/0.6 mile) is S$3.90/$2.90/€2.70-S$4.30/$3.20/€3, and the cost per 400m/0.2 mile (for the first 10km/6.1 miles) is around S$0.25/$0.19/€0.18. Once the taxi traverses the 10-km distance, the S$0.25/$0.19/€0.18 fee applies per 350m. Moreover, waiting time is charged at about S$0.25/$0.19/€0.18 per 45 seconds.

On the other hand, airport rides come with an S$8/$6/€5.55 surcharge from 05:00 pm to midnight and an S$6/$4.46/€4.13 fee at other times. Moreover, if you catch your cab during rush hours, your journey will be 25% costlier, whereas night rides (from midnight to 06:00 am) are 50% more expensive. Rush hours are the time frames from 06:00 am to 09:30 am on weekdays, from 05:00 pm to midnight every day (and on public holidays), and from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm on weekends and public holidays). Furthermore, passengers are also responsible for paying the ERP fees (Electronic Road Pricing – electronic tolls).

Expectantly, premium vehicles come with slightly higher fares, and limousines are the most expensive option.

Should you want to pre-book your Changi airport taxi, you’ll pay an extra S$3.30/$2.45/€2.27-S$4.50/$3.34/€3.10 fare during peak hours. During non-rush hours, cab bookings are charged at about S$2.30/$1.70/€1.58-S$2.50/$1.86/€1.73.

Taxis from Singapore Airport: the Available Payment Methods

Singapore airport taxi drivers accept payments in cash but also via a credit or debit card. Thus, you won’t have to worry about carrying cash with you to pay for your taxi from Changi Airport. That being said, an extra fee applies to e-payments, making them costlier. Indeed, e-payments are 10% more expensive. In other words, passengers have to pay an extra 10% of the final taxi fare (plus GST). On the other hand, NETS payments come with a S$0.30/$0.22/€0.20 surcharge.

Singapore Airport Taxi Rates to Popular Destinations

Singapore airport taxis are metered, while each company has different rates. Thus, you won’t find set, pre-determined fares even for rides to popular destinations. Still, you can get a glimpse of the usual taxi fares for journeys to frequently visited locations to have an idea about the approximate cost of taxis from Changi Airport.


FromToPrice (S$)Price ($)Price (€)Duration
Singapore AirportSingapore City Center 20-4014.80-22.3013.70-20.6030-40 min
Singapore AirportTanah Merah Ferry Terminal1511.1010.3010 min
Singapore AirportMarina Bay Sands20-3514.80-2613.70-24.1025 min
Singapore AirportChinatown3022.3020.7030 min
Singapore AirportGardens by the Bay3022.3020.7030 min
Singapore AirportSentosa Island30-3522.30-2620.70-24.1035 min

Where are the Changi Airport Taxi Ranks

If you have settled on a ride with a Singapore airport taxi, you won’t face difficulties in spotting the SIN taxi ranks. Verily, all Changi terminals (terminal 1, terminal 2, terminal 3, and terminal 4) have taxi stands right outside the exit doors of their Arrivals levels. Thus, once you exit the terminal, you’ll spot the taxi vehicles waiting in line at the taxi stand. Please keep in mind that premium taxis and limousines are more expensive than standard car models. Hence, if you want to save money on your transit expenses, you should catch the first standard car in line (even if that means passing by premium vehicles that may be ahead).

There are always taxi attendants at the taxi ranks, on tap to offer assistance and decongest the taxi stands during rush hours.

Airport Taxi from Singapore Airport to Hotel

Singapore airport taxis are a comfortable, fast, and reliable way to travel from Changi Airport to your hotel in Singapore. Overall, they are considered as inexpensive (an airport ride from Changi Airport to downtown Singapore costs around S$20/$14.80/€13.70 to S$40/$22.30/€20.60 plus the airport and/or the time of the day surcharges) and efficient. Thus, by catching a taxi from Changi Airport, you’ll travel in comfort to the exact location of tour accommodation. Still, many Singapore hotels provide free airport shuttle services. Therefore, it is always recommended to check your hotel’s services and amenities before settling on the transit mode from Singapore Airport.

Useful Tips for a Smooth Changi Airport Taxi Experience

  • Singapore airport taxis are metered. Therefore, once you enter the vehicle, you should always check the taximeter (if it is zeroed and operating properly).
  • The driver’s data and the vehicle’s license should be clearly displayed inside the cab.
  • Asking for a receipt at the end of the ride will be proven extremely helpful in case of forgotten items inside the cab.
  • It is highly advisable to have the address and the postal code of your hotel written down on paper to avoid communication problems.
  • Although card payments are accepted as well, they are 10% more expensive.
  • Luggage isn’t charged extra.
  • Tipping the taxi driver in Singapore isn’t obligatory.
  • When the demand for a cab is high (numerous flights arrive at the same time, or the taxis waiting at the taxi stands are few), SIN Airport informs taxi drivers via a message so as to make their way to the airport.


How to get a taxi from Changi Airport?

If you want to catch a taxi from Singapore Airport, all you’ll have to do is exit the Arrivals level of your terminal. Verily, all Changi airport terminals have official taxi ranks lying outside their Arrivals halls.

How much is a taxi from Singapore Airport?

Singapore airport taxis are metered but are regarded as affordable. Thus, the 30-40-minute ride from Changi Airport to downtown costs around S$20/$14.80/€13.70 to S$40/$22.30/€20.60 plus the S$8/$6/€5.55-S$6/$4.46/€4.13 airport surcharge depending on the time of the day and any other supplement fees (peak-hour rides, ERP fees, etc.).

Do you tip Singapore taxi drivers?

Tipping your Changi airport driver is optional. Hence, if you are pleased with the provided services, you may as well round up the final fare or leave a small tip.